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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Q: Does the term non-Japanese mean grants for non-Japanese institutions or grants for subject areas in East Asia other than Japan?
A: The term non-Japanese refers to non-Japanese institutions and scholars of East Asian art residing outside Japan.

Q: Can I fill out the application form online and submit it electronically?
A:No, applicants must download the file, fill it out, and mail it to the Kyoto center.

Q: Are we limited to the space on the application form for the project description?
A:No, you may continue in a separate attachment, or provide other documentation.

Q: You ask for the original and 4 copies of the application form. As the project description, author's CV and estimated costs of the publication are on separate sheets, should I also provide 5 copies of those?
A: Yes, please provide an original and four copies of all materials submitted, with the exception of brochures, other printed matter, and slides.

Q: Should I expect an acknowledgement from the Center, or should I contact Kyoto to confirm receipt?
A: Please note that the administrative office for the non-Japanese grant programs is at a different location from the application receiving office in Kyoto, so acknowledgments will not be sent out as applications are received. If you are concerned, you may send your packet through a mailing service that provides some form of delivery confirmation or return receipt.

Q: How soon can grant recipients travel after notification?
A: The awards are typically made available on June 1st, but if there is a special need, funding can be provided up to one month earlier.

Q: How can I receive notices of when new grants are available?
A: Please email the administrator at and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Institutional Grants

Q: My institution previously received a grant from the Metropolitan Center. Can I apply for institutional support again?
A: Yes. As of fall 2015, the Institutional Grants Program has been reinstated.

Individual Grants

Q: I have a book that has been accepted by a publisher, and I would like to apply for a grant to cover the costs of photographs/transparencies and reproduction rights. Is this something that might be covered by a Metropolitan grant? If so, should I submit this as an Individual grant, rather than through the Press as an Institutional Project?
A: Funding is available to support publication costs. Either the individual author or the press may submit the application. See Recent Individual Grants for examples.

Q: Do applicants for individual grants need to supply letters of recommendation?
A: No, they are only required for doctoral candidates

Q: Although I am a Japanese citizen, I have received all my academic/professional training and experiences in the United States and have U.S. permanent resident status. Do I still qualify for a grant for non-Japanese scholars?
A: Yes, the non-Japanese grant program is open to all scholars residing outside Japan.

Doctoral Grants

Q: I received a Metropolitan center grant last year, which I believe is renewable for one more year. Can you tell me the process for the renewal?
A: Renewal is not automatic. In order to be eligible for a second year of funding, a new doctoral application, including a description of the progress made during the first year of research, must be submitted by December 31 of the first year in which the grant is awarded.