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Recent Grants

Doctoral Grants
  • Steffani Bennett -- Harvard University: "The China Years: Sesshu Toyo and Fifteenth-century Ming Painting"
  • Fletcher Coleman -- Harvard University: "Ascetic Aesthetics: The Brahman Ascetic and Buddhist Identity in Early Medieval China"
  • Gabrielle Niu -- University of Pennsylvania: "Beyond Silk: A Re-assessment of Jin Painting"


  • Bing Huang -- Harvard University: "Occidental Design: Instrumental Precision and Spatial Diagramming in Eighteenth-Century China"
  • Sol Jung -- Princeton University: "Assembling 'Korea': Peninsular Arts in Sixteenth-Century Japan"
  • Katherine Brooks -- Harvard University: “Printed Things: Medium Texture, and Poetry in Japanese Surimono”
  • Frank Feltens -- Columbia Uinversity: “Tea, Poetics, and Theatre in the Arts of Ogata Korin (1658-1716)”
  • Di Luo -- University of Southern California: “A Grain of Sand: Yingzao Fashi and the Miniaturization of Chinese Architecture”
  • Wei Ren -- Harvard University: “Judging by the Cover: Tao Yuanqing's Book Cover Designs for Lu Xun, 1924-1929”
  • Kristopher Kersey -- UC Berkeley: “Emperor Go-Shirakawa (1127-1192) and the Image of Classical Japan”
  • Miki Morita -- University of Pennsylvania: “Illuminating the Path: Kshitigarbha bodhisattva in Uighur Buddhist art and religious history”
  • Rachel Saunders -- Harvard University: “Touching Paradise: Patriarch Portraits, Miraculous Origins, and Magical Poetics in Kamakura Period Handscrolls”
  • Seokwan Choi -- UC Santa Barbara: “Fashioning Identities in Late Ming Portraits: Zeng Jing (1564-1647) and the Literati of Late Ming Jiangnan”
  • Jiayao Han -- University of Pittsburgh: “Creating Visual Emblems for Militarized Frontier Societies of Eastern Zhou Dynastic China (771-221 BCE)”
  • Lihong Liu -- Institute of Fine Arts, New York University: “Places and Place: Wen Zhengming’s Late Work and the Significance of Jing”
  • Phillip Bloom: “A Textile Tester of Brick: Maitreya Eschatology, Popular Esotericism, and the Pagoda at Xiuding Monastery”
  • Aurelia Campbell: “Qutan Monastery and Early Ming Dynasty Frontier Politics”
  • Jiayao Han: “Creating Visual Emblems for Militarized Frontier Societies of Eastern Zhou Dynastic China (771-221 BCE)”
  • Youn-mi Kim: "Eternal Ritual: Relic Crypts of the Chaoyang North Pagoda (1043-1044 CE)"
  • Hilary Pedersen: "The Five Great Space Repository Bodhisattvas and Imperial Power in Ninth-Century Japan"
  • Amanda Wright: "Qiu Ti’s (1906-1958) Contributions to the Storm Society (1931-1935): Modernist Ideology, Public Receptivity, and Personal Identity"

Individual Grants
  • Jong Phil Park: "Conflicted Realities: Painting and Cultural Politics in Late Choson Korea (1700-1850)
  • Ariane Perrin: "Protecting Mankind: Korean Shamanist Ritual Paintings of the Late Choson Period (18th-19th centuries)
  • Hsueh-Man Shen: "Authentic Replicas: Buddhist Art in Medieval China (publication)"
  • Michelle C. Wang: "Mandalas in the Making: The Visual Culture of Esoteric Buddhism at Dunhuang"
  • Jeehee Hong: "Seeing through the Gaping Mouth: The Social Efficacy of Laughter in Classical Chinese Art"
  • Tamaki Maeda: "Japan's Visual Dialogue with China, 1895-1930s: The Kyoto Circle"
  • Chari Pradel: "Fabricating the Tenjukoku Shūchō Mandara and Prince Shōtoku's Afterlives"
  • Gennifer Weisenfeld: "Protect the Skies! Visualizing Civil Air Defense in Wartime Japan"
  • Yuko Kikuchi: publication support for critical reader of East Asian design history
  • Joshua Mostow: publication support for "A Third Gender: Beautiful Youth in Japanese Prints"
  • Nancy Steinhardt: publication support for "The Borders of Chinese Architecture"
  • Asato Ikeda: publication support for “The Dark Valley: Japanese Art and the Second World War”
  • Elizabeth Lillehoj: publication support for “Symbol and Strategy: the Palace, Warriors, and Art in Japan, 1580-1680”
  • John Szostak: research and publication support for “Kokuten: Tsuchida Bakusen and the Modernization of Traditional Japanese Painting”
  • Alice Tseng: research for “Commemorative Architecture in Modern Japan”
  • Caroline Hirasawa: publication support for “Hellbent on Heaven: Damnation and Salvation in Tateyama mandara”
  • Andrew Maske: support for publication of “Potters and Patrons in Edo Japan: Takatori Ware and the Kuroda Domain”
  • Nancy S. Steinhardt: acquisition of photographs and permissions for “The Borders of Chinese Architecture”
  • Stephen Addiss and Audrey Seo: research for "The Sound of One Hand: Paintings and Calligraphy by Zen Master Hakuin"
  • Maki Kaneko: research for "Art at the Service of the State: Japanese Artists in the War, 1907-1952"
  • Yeewon Koon: research for "Template of a Modern Artist: Su Renshan (1814-c.1850)"
  • Sonya Lee: production support for "Surviving Nirvana: Death of the Buddha in Chinese Visual Culture"
  • Jong Phil Park: research and publication support for "Ensnaring the Public Eye: Painting Manuals of Late Ming China (1550-1644) and the Negotiation of Taste"
  • Alicia Volk: publication support for "In Pursuit of Universalism: Yorozu Tetsugoro and Japanese Modern Art"

Institutional Grants
  • Japanese Art Society of America: publication support for "Impressions" Journal, no. 39
  • University of Hawaii Press: publication support for "Behold the Buddha: Religious Meanings in Japanese Buddhist Art"
  • Freie Universität Berlin: conference publication support for "Moving Signs and Shifting Discourses: Text and Image Relations in East Asian Art"
  • Heidelberg University, Institute of East Asian Art History: support for workshop "Things SEen and Heard in Medieval Japan: Reading and Interpreting the Fifteenth-Century Diary Kanmon nikki"
  • Royal College of Art, London: conference publication support for "Japanese Art - Global Dimensions"
  • Arizona State University: “Accessing the Scrolls:Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in an Expanded Digital Archive”
  • Reaktion Books: publication support for Obtaining Images: Art: Production and Display in Edo Japan, by Timon Screech
  • Reaktion Books: publication support for A Story of Ruins: Presence and Absence in Chinese Art and Visual Culture, by Wu Hung
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art: publication support for Invitation to Reclusion: Seventeenth Century Chinese Painting (exhibition catalogue)
  • Clark Center for Japanese Art: exhibition and publication support for “Purity of Form: The Evolution of Fukami Sueharu’s Ceramics”
  • Heidelberg University: publication subsidy for a festschrift for Lothar Ledderose
  • Newark Museum: support for the “Red Lacquer Collection Project”
  • UC Berkeley Art Museum: public programming to coincide with the exhibition “Delightful Pursuits: Japanese Art from the Clark Center”
  • University of Hong Kong: publication support for “Rethinking Visual Narratives from Asia: Intercultural and Comparative Perspectives”
  • Reaktion Books: publication support for “The Art of the Yellow Springs: Reading Chinese Tombs,” by Wu Hung
  • University of Zurich: support for conference, “Connoisseurship in East Asian Art”

Library Grants
  • Heidelberg University East Asian Library
  • Museum Reitberg
  • Newark Museum Library and Archives
  • Royal Ontario Museum, H. H. Mu Far Eastern Library
  • Seattle Asian Art Museum
  • University of British Columbia Asian Library
  • Freer Gallery of Art / Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Library
  • Freie Universität Berlin
  • Bodleian Japanese Library, University of Oxford
  • The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
  • University of Virginia Library
  • Alfred University, Scholes Library of Ceramics
  • University of Heidelberg, East Asian Library
  • Royal Ontario Museum, H. H. Mu Far Eastern Library
  • Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, Lisa Sainsbury Library
  • Seattle Asian Art Museum, McCaw Foundation Library
  • University of London, Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)


  • Freer|Sackler Galleries
  • University of Heidelberg
  • Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures
  • University of Washington
  • Freie Universitat Berlin
  • School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London
  • University of Kansas Libraries
  • Columbia University
  • Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
  • Louisiana State University Libraries
  • H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library-Royal Ontario Museum
  • University of Heidelberg