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Recent Grants

Doctoral Grants

Gabrielle Niu -- University of Pennsylvania: "Beyond Silk: A Re-assessment of Jin Painting"


Bing Huang -- Harvard University: "Occidental Design: Instrumental Precision and Spatial Diagramming in Eighteenth-Century China"

Sol Jung -- Princeton University: "Assembling 'Korea': Peninsular Arts in Sixteenth-Century Japan"


Katherine Brooks -- Harvard University: “Printed Things: Medium Texture, and Poetry in Japanese Surimono”

Frank Feltens -- Columbia Uinversity: “Tea, Poetics, and Theatre in the Arts of Ogata Korin (1658-1716)”

Di Luo -- University of Southern California: “A Grain of Sand: Yingzao Fashi and the Miniaturization of Chinese Architecture”


Wei Ren -- Harvard University: “Judging by the Cover: Tao Yuanqing's Book Cover Designs for Lu Xun, 1924-1929”


Kristopher Kersey -- UC Berkeley: “Emperor Go-Shirakawa (1127-1192) and the Image of Classical Japan”

Miki Morita -- University of Pennsylvania: “Illuminating the Path: Kshitigarbha bodhisattva in Uighur Buddhist art and religious history”

Rachel Saunders -- Harvard University: “Touching Paradise: Patriarch Portraits, Miraculous Origins, and Magical Poetics in Kamakura Period Handscrolls”


Seokwan Choi -- UC Santa Barbara: “Fashioning Identities in Late Ming Portraits: Zeng Jing (1564-1647)and the Literati of Late Ming Jiangnan”

Jiayao Han -- University of Pittsburgh: “Creating Visual Emblems for Militarized Frontier Societies of Eastern Zhou Dynastic China (771-221 BCE)”

Lihong Liu -- Institute of Fine Arts, New York University: “Places and Place: Wen Zhengming’s Late Work and the Significance of Jing”


Phillip Bloom: “A Textile Tester of Brick: Maitreya Eschatology, Popular Esotericism, and the Pagoda at Xiuding Monastery”

Aurelia Campbell: “Qutan Monastery and Early Ming Dynasty Frontier Politics”

Jiayao Han: “Creating Visual Emblems for Militarized Frontier Societies of Eastern Zhou Dynastic China (771-221 BCE)”


Youn-mi Kim: "Eternal Ritual: Relic Crypts of the Chaoyang North Pagoda (1043-1044 CE)"

Hilary Pedersen: "The Five Great Space Repository Bodhisattvas and Imperial Power in Ninth-Century Japan"

Amanda Wright: "Qiu Ti’s (1906-1958) Contributions to the Storm Society (1931-1935): Modernist Ideology, Public Receptivity, and Personal Identity"

Individual Grants

Jeehee Hong: "Seeing through the Gaping Mouth: The Social Efficacy of Laughter in Classical Chinese Art"

Tamaki Maeda: "Japan's Visual Dialogue with China, 1895-1930s: The Kyoto Circle"

Chari Pradel: "Fabricating the Tenjukoku Shūchō Mandara and Prince Shōtoku's Afterlives"

Gennifer Weisenfeld: "Protect the Skies! Visualizing Civil Air Defense in Wartime Japan"


Yuko Kikuchi: publication support for critical reader of East Asian design history

Joshua Mostow: publication support for "A Third Gender: Beautiful Youth in Japanese Prints"

Nancy Steinhardt: publication support for "The Borders of Chinese Architecture"


Asato Ikeda: publication support for “The Dark Valley: Japanese Art and the Second World War”

Elizabeth Lillehoj: publication support for “Symbol and Strategy: the Palace, Warriors, and Art in Japan, 1580-1680”

John Szostak: research and publication support for “Kokuten: Tsuchida Bakusen and the Modernization of Traditional Japanese Painting”

Alice Tseng: research for “Commemorative Architecture in Modern Japan”


Caroline Hirasawa: publication support for “Hellbent on Heaven: Damnation and Salvation in Tateyama mandara”

Andrew Maske: support for publication of “Potters and Patrons in Edo Japan: Takatori Ware and the Kuroda Domain”

Nancy S. Steinhardt: acquisition of photographs and permissions for “The Borders of Chinese Architecture”


Stephen Addiss and Audrey Seo: research for "The Sound of One Hand: Paintings and Calligraphy by Zen Master Hakuin"

Maki Kaneko: research for "Art at the Service of the State: Japanese Artists in the War, 1907-1952"

Yeewon Koon: research for "Template of a Modern Artist: Su Renshan (1814-c.1850)"

Sonya Lee: production support for "Surviving Nirvana: Death of the Buddha in Chinese Visual Culture"

Jong Phil Park: research and publication support for "Ensnaring the Public Eye: Painting Manuals of Late Ming China (1550-1644) and the Negotiation of Taste"

Alicia Volk: publication support for "In Pursuit of Universalism: Yorozu Tetsugoro and Japanese Modern Art"


Institutional Grants

Freie Universität Berlin: conference publication support for "Moving Signs and Shifting Discourses: Text and Image Relations in East Asian Art"

Heidelberg University, Institute of East Asian Art History: support for workshop "Things SEen and Heard in Medieval Japan: Reading and Interpreting the Fifteenth-Century Diary Kanmon nikki"

Royal College of Art, London: conference publication support for "Japanese Art - Global Dimensions"


Arizona State University: “Accessing the Scrolls:Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in an Expanded Digital Archive”

Reaktion Books: publication support for Obtaining Images: Art: Production and Display in Edo Japan, by Timon Screech

Reaktion Books: publication support for A Story of Ruins: Presence and Absence in Chinese Art and Visual Culture, by Wu Hung

Santa Barbara Museum of Art: publication support for Invitation to Reclusion: Seventeenth Century Chinese Painting (exhibition catalogue)


Clark Center for Japanese Art: exhibition and publication support for “Purity of Form: The Evolution of Fukami Sueharu’s Ceramics”

Heidelberg University: publication subsidy for a festschrift for Lothar Ledderose

Newark Museum: support for the “Red Lacquer Collection Project”

UC Berkeley Art Museum: public programming to coincide with the exhibition “Delightful Pursuits: Japanese Art from the Clark Center”

University of Hong Kong: publication support for “Rethinking Visual Narratives from Asia: Intercultural and Comparative Perspectives”


Reaktion Books: publication support for “The Art of the Yellow Springs: Reading Chinese Tombs,” by Wu Hung

University of Zurich: support for conference, “Connoisseurship in East Asian Art”


Library Grants

Freer Gallery of Art / Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Library

Freie Universität Berlin

Bodleian Japanese Library, University of Oxford

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

University of Virginia Library


Alfred University, Scholes Library of Ceramics

University of Heidelberg, East Asian Library

Royal Ontario Museum, H. H. Mu Far Eastern Library

Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, Lisa Sainsbury Library

Seattle Asian Art Museum, McCaw Foundation Library

University of London, Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)


Freer|Sackler Galleries

University of Heidelberg

Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures

University of Washington


Freie Universitat Berlin

School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London

University of Kansas Libraries


Columbia University

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Louisiana State University Libraries

H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library-Royal Ontario Museum
University of Heidelberg