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Applications for the 2018-2019 Institutional Grant Program will be accepted with an application postmark deadline of December 31, 2017.

Application forms for the current grant year can now be downloaded by clicking here: Word version.


The Metropolitan Center supports projects that reflect advanced scholarship and offer new insights into East Asian art. Grants to colleges and universities, museums, and other institutions outside Japan are made in support of exhibitions, publications, symposia, and other scholarly activities. Grants are usually modest in scale, rarely cover all the costs of a project, and often serve as seed money, or to underwrite a discrete, clearly defined part of a larger project, such as workshops for the planning of exhibitions or a publication. Support is not offered for direct costs of exhibitions, such as curatorial fees or shipping costs.

General Instructions
As the Center rarely provides full support of large-scale institutional activities, applicants are urged to seek funding from other agencies and to list such agencies in their applications. The Center reserves the right to adjust its awards in the light of other contributions a candidate may receive; the Center should be notified promptly about any such awards.

Recipients of institutional grants are requested to acknowledge the Center’s support if a publication is part of the project.

Additional Information
All institutional applications must include a detailed account of research goals, collaborators, timetables, and a budget.
•    Meetings and symposia: applications must include description
     of other sponsors, list of proposed speakers, and other associated
•    Production costs of scholarly publications: applications must
     include description of publication contents, evidence of acceptance
     by a publisher (where pertinent), and publication cost estimate.

Applications must be completed and postmarked by December 31.
Letters are mailed out announcing grant awards by April 15 and May 1 is the earliest date grant funds are available.

Mailing Instructions
Applications, including the original and four copies, must be mailed to the Kyoto Center postmarked on or before December 31.
See contact for mailing address.

Applications should be sent by regular postal delivery only and need only be postmarked by the December 31 deadline. The use of express mail and courier services is discouraged.

Further Inquiries:
Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional information, or contact the center in Kyoto, Japan.

Recent Grant Recipients